Poster presentation at the 33th Annual Symposium of the ESVN-ECVN: Pain

Movement analysis by a dog with lower back pain, treated with orthomanual veterinary medicine and measured with the pressure plate

M. Geerts, D.C, Aharon



Charly, a 2.5 year old crossbreed dog, was referred to the Clinic with unwillingness to jump into the car. A CT scan of the lower back was included showing degenerative lumbosacral stenosis (DLSS). Physical, neurological and orthopedic examinations showed pain during palpation of the lumboscral region and lumbosacral instability. Concurrent orthopaedic, neurological or systemic disorders were excluded.

The dog was treated orthomanually with manipulation of the lower back, followed by a managed mobility regime. In addition, gait assessments were performed with a pressure plate before and immediately after treatment and after two weeks and three months. Two weeks after treatment the dog could walk very ably and was completely pain free in the lower back. Three months after treatment, her gaits had improved further, and Charly was able to jump without discomfort. The positive outcome of this field case is in line with the overall good clinical and research outcome after application of orthomanual treatment policy of lower back pain patients

Figure 1

Figure: Evaluation of the position and symmetry of the transversal processes.

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