Aharon Orthomanual Veterinary Medicine

The training to specialize in orthomanual veterinary medicine (Aharon Method) involves a programme of study and internships lasting two to three years with a time commitment of one to two days per week, plus self-study time.

The trainer/supervisor provides the veterinarian-in-training opportunities to learn the theory and to acquire practical experience in orthomanual veterinary medicine (Aharon Method). Among the subjects covered are neuro- logical and orthopaedic conditions and examination of the animal (clinical, neurological and orthopaedic). The veterinarian-in-training must also complete post-graduate courses in neurology, orthopaedics and relevant areas of internal medicine such as endocrinology. This can be done in Netherlands or abroad. Assignments to be completed in the course of the programme include, among others, a case report or article and a presentation delivered to a gathering of veterinary professionals.


Each half year, progress of the veterinarian-in-training is assessed in the following areas:

  • Overall impression of the professional performance of the veterinari- an-in-training
  • Performance of tasks related to the anamnesis
  • Performance of tasks related to the clinical examination
  • Performance of tasks related to diagnostics and diagnostic assessment
  • Performance of tasks related to other job activities

Final assessment

The training programme is concluded upon satisfactory completion of 100 treated patients and presentation of the case report/article.

How to apply

Are you a qualified veterinarian with two to three years of practical experience and would you like to be considered for the specialist training in orthomanual veterinary medicine (Aharon Method)? If so, please contactthe NVOMD secretariat.