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To conduct and commission appropriate scientific research

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To ensure provision and excellence of training for the specialism of orthomanual veterinary medicine (Aharon Method)

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To ensure opportunities for continued professional development in this field

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To establish, maintain and manage an independent register of qualified practitioners


The NVOMD is the Dutch Society for Orthomanual Veterinary Medicine. The mission of the NVOMD is to promote orthomanual veterinary medicine in the broadest sense and to represent the interests of its members. The NVOMD was established in 2011.

The Society pursues it mission by:

Promoting the integration of orthomanual veterinary medicine into regular veterinary practice.

Ensuring optimal training for the specialism of orthomanual veterinary medicine and maintaining excellence in the quality of training on offer.

Furthering the expertise of members through training and continued professional development.

Stimulating and coordinating scientific research in the field of orthomanual veterinary medicine.

Interacting and consulting with relevant organizations within and beyond the veterinary community, in order to promote and maintain understanding and appreciation of orthomanual veterinary medicine across society.

Ensuring appropriate representation of members in government and semi- governmental organizations, political bodies and professional organizations .

Establishing, maintaining and managing an independent register of qualified practitioners, or commissioning an external organization thereto, or advocating for this to be done by an independent organization.

Promoting establishment of and adherence to procedures for processing complaints concerning members.

Promoting understanding and knowledge of the role of orthomanual veterinary medicine in all respects and at all levels of society.

Using all lawful means to represent and advocate for the interests of orthomanual veterinary medicine, as well as of Society members.


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